About Lidija Manfredi

Hello. My name is Lidija Manfredi. I have spent most of my life in Sweden and have been living in Serbia, my birth country from the past 2 years. My life has not been exactly easy, but I have been finding strength in my fight for justice for my granddaughter and for myself. The Swedish legal system had falsely implicated me in a case and imprisoned me for the crime that I had not committed. The law needs to be changed and the system needs to be changed. I request you to watch my documentary here or read my book- The Swedish Dream (available on Amazon Kindle & Apple books/ audiobook on Audible) to know my story better and please lend a hand. I need your support to be able to appeal to the Supreme Court in Sweden and eventually campaign for the change in law that implicated me and many others like me, for crimes that lacked any evidence. You can help me by donating 1 euro or more. Thank you.