” Lidija loved weekends knowing that her father will dedicate her his time, and that it will be fun.
He put her in the car and then the two of them enjoyed swimming, skiing, ice skating or going to the nature. Father was kind and gentle, loved his little daughter and didn’t hide it.

Lidija at 11 months of age with her Grandpa at home on Bellmansgatan in Stockholm

Unlike her mother, who was always cold and distant, like nothing could warm her up. Not even love of her only daughter. It was like something frozen in her that night at the Danube. Forever. The summers were reserved for visiting the motherland. Every year, Lidija spent almost three fun months full of activities in her homeland. They would arrive by plane, and Grandpa´s old Volkswagen “The beattle” would wait them in Belgrade. They would all jump in the car, and Lidija always fought with her cousin for a for the back seat sag, cruising across Serbia and visiting the cousins.
Negotin, Knjaževac, Vršac and Hungary, Lidijas`s grandmother was hungarian… Always on the road and in motion. She enjoyed the warm sun, attention and love that she was getting from everyone . She was growing up happy and content as an only child could be. She seemed it would last forever. That she would be tucked in and protected and that nothing bad could happen to her.
The first blow of fate was when she was twelve years old. Grandma, her support for the past twelve years had a stroke and died. She was only fourty eight years old. Lidija couldn’t comprehend how this was possible. Someone who was there until yesterday, Grandma who prepared tasty food for the family, always active and in motion, Grandma with whom she shared the bed, was no longer next to her.
As if the world has collapsed. Somewhere deep in her child´s soul she felt nothing will be the same again…”
To be continued…

Little Lidija with her father in amusement park in Stockholm, 1974