Period of growing up marks a person for a life time.

To this day Lidija carries the seal of the time. Do we ever wonder to which extent our parents determined our destiny? Is a struggle for love and attention often cause for making wrong choices, wrong people, wrong state….?
Read more about relations that target us, as well as many other things in the book “The Swedish Dream” of Lidija Manfredi, Serbian that moved the Swedish frontiers and whistle blew on the system.

She reveals herself frankly, as she always does.


  • What made you to write a book “The Swedish Dream”? To which scope is your life included, given it is an autobiography?

– “The Swedish Dream” is my entire life and it describes the first four of seven difficult years, full of turbulences and overturns, twisted family relations, sanctions I had to suffer due to my own choices. The hardest party of the story is not letting me see my granddaughter.

  • What are the main motifs for speaking openly about the sensitive topics such as corruption, lies and manipulations with the highly-ranked in the system?

–  The main motif is need to get something that I haven’t got from the Swedish judicial system to this day: right to defend myself, right to plea my innocence, right on fair trial. “The Swedish Dream” is not only dealing with injustice, but my acquittal. People sometimes life more than 50 years in Sweden and not really get to know it until close encounter with a system.

  • We know that the truth isn’t widely approved and encompass unique consequences. Are you afraid?

– No, I am not. I have already lost the most valuable assets that I cherish, relations with the children, family and ex-husband… I am willingly in all this and I am not afraid because I don’t have anything to loose.

  • Does Lidija Manfredi sounds as a name that will get the worlds acknowledgment? Where do you see yourself in ten years, since the second part of “The Swedish Dream” is in the making?

– It is my real name. My parents took me to Sweden when I was just 6 months old. I see myself and officially free and liberated. In the meantime, I signed the contract on screen adaptation of the novel. I am really looking forward to it.

  • How would you lead potential leaders to buy your book?

– I can only use the truth to lead readers to buy a book. I am not afraid nor hiding from the truth. One of the motifs for the book is to collect the money so I could send my case before the Appellation Court and end this madness referred to as Sweden within the next four years. Of people believe I could open their eyes with my experience, it is the best intro to something I might call – buy a book “The Swedish Dream”.



The Swedish Dream

The novel “The Swedish Dream” can be ordered from any country.