“…..She stood still with just one thought running through her mind:

„Hold on, Lidija, hold on. This shall pass”.
She repeated it as mantra and felt her breath was slowly returning to normal, and heart that was pounding heavily until few seconds ago, started stabilizing. Few more moments went by until she gathered her thoughts and started wondering the same as from moment she went in Osteroker.
Where did she go wrong?
What went wrong?
How did this turn out to be this way, instead of enjoying beautiful afternoon in her apartment in Stockholm, she is standing on piece of fenced land waiting for the sentence? It wasn’t supposed to be this way. No, no way. Nothing indicated that little Lidija who was brought in this Scandinavian country in cradle back in 70s of the last century would end up in prison. And everything started when….”
…To be continued…

Image of Hinseberg womens prison which is a high risk prison in Sweden regarding womens, unfairly sentenced Lidija served the time. In that same prison was incarcerated also Biljana Plavšić. Politics, manipulative system, depravity of the highly-ranked, deals with mafia- injustice than could happen to anyone. Sweden turned Lidija´s life upside down.