” Konstantinos, who just got out of the prison for tax evasion was inclining towards more radical solutions.

He wanted to use a significant fee and find someone who would make Lidija an invalid and teach her not to posting pictures of decent people around, more specifically his brother.

He made several similar suggestions, but Christos refused. He plotted a vengeance that would hurt Lidija the most. Much harder than beating. Constantinos accused him of being too soft, and eventually settled for puncturing the tires on Lidija´s car.
He made a habit of it, and in upcoming period ventilated out his anger towards her on her tires. However, Christos operated differently.
And his plan would turn out to be much more efficient. One morning the police officers showed up on Lidija´s doorstep and asked her to come with them. While she turned the key in the lock, she had a feeling of doing so for the last time.
As soon as they entered the vehicle, one of them called someone…


Lidija after the Psarros brothers abuse, Christos and Konstantinos.